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About Us

North Dakota Living is the voice of Touchstone Energy Cooperatives in our state. Through North Dakota Living, our cooperatives sustain positive relationships with their members, publishing local co-op information just for them. The magazine is published by the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives on behalf of its member distribution cooperatives and member generation and transmission cooperatives.



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October issue of North Dakota Living featuring a toddler and chickenAt North Dakota Living, reader participation is "how we roll". To help emphasize this, on our cover we take another look at Fallyn Bohl, daughter of Bob and Tasha Bohl, of Flasher, visting chicken coop pals. The Bohls  are members of Mor-Gran-Sou Electric Cooperative, Flasher. We previously displayed Fallyn and her chicken coop visit on our Co-op Country page in last August's issue. Turn to page 36 in this issue for the latest installment of Co-op Country -- see how our little ones treasure autumn's last days. Read aout how to participate - send us your photos. Thanks!  $14.50 per year.