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Fresh from the FARM

Holly and Barry Mawby
Barry and Holly Mawby

Holly and Barry Mawby, members of Northern Plains Electric Cooperative, own and operate North Dakota’s only culinary herb farm, “gardendwellers FARM.”  This month’s Recipe Roundup features dishes straight from their farm to your kitchen.

Holly’s Herb Tips

•    To help herbs last longer, store in a rolled, damp (not wet!) paper towel in a vented plastic or paper bag.
•    Use the crisper drawer for fridge herb storage. Most other locations are too cold.
•    Many herbs freeze well. Just wash and rough chop herbs, put in an ice cube tray, fill each spot with water and freeze. When frozen, remove “herb cubes” from the tray and place in a labeled plastic container for freezer storage.
•    Visit for more recipes and additional information on using and storing herbs!