Many people have made remarkable contributions or displayed exceptional service to their local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. What act of service or contribution locally has impressed you the most and why?



My mom owns a sandwich shop in Minot, and ever since the COVID-19 and homeschooling started, my mom has been giving kids that need lunch some sandwiches, oranges and apples and some vegetables. Me and my friends have been helping her out so she can get the job done faster.

Paisley Staley
Verendrye Electric Cooperative

Like many of us, I have seen so many creative and heartwarming acts of service by individuals posted on social media, but the one that has impressed me the most was the one done by the members of my hometown congregation, Peace Lutheran Church in Burlington.

Part of the reason it probably touches so close to my heart is that the idea came from my mom, Darla Fimrite. My mom was talking to my brother-in-law, whose dad is a pastor, to see how he was coping with online church services. My brother-in-law said that the toughest part for his dad was preaching to an empty church, so his dad had decided to put all his parishioners’ names on sheets of paper and tape to the pews so he felt like he was preaching to people. That gave my mom an idea.

My mom, along with a few others in the church, called members of the church and asked them to draw pictures of themselves or whatever they wanted to make that could be taped to the pews to also make their pastor not feel like she was preaching to an empty room.

The congregation fully supported the idea and soon hand-drawn pictures or enlarged photographs were pouring in. The church staff then taped the pictures to the pews in the places they normally would sit, mainly toward the back of the church, since they are Lutherans.

All this was done without the pastor’s knowledge, so the first Sunday after the pictures were taped up, Pastor Emily Nesdahl came into the church to get ready for service and saw a packed church. It brought her to tears.

The reason why I love this story is that it was a great family activity for the congregation members, and it also gave back to a person in the community that has been doing her best to look out for so many others in the community during this difficult time.

Brenna Ohman
Mor-Gran-Sou Electric Cooperative


During this COVID-19 pandemic, life has been changed in our homes, state, country and world. We thank all the CNAs, nurses, doctors, caretakers and all people who have been caring for our sick, putting their lives on the line. They are working with a terrible disease. The grocery store employees have done a fantastic job. We couldn’t get along without them. We recognize those preparing thousands of meals and distributing them to homes where kids would go hungry otherwise. In North Dakota, we are mindful and appreciative of these people giving of themselves.

Judy Cudworth
Northern Plains Electric Cooperative


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