It’s Co-op Month! Tell us what you like best about your electric cooperative!


I like being part of an electric cooperative, because co-ops are nonprofit organizations. To me, this means they have my best interest as a consumer and the environment in mind, rather than turning a profit at my expense.

It gives a sense of community to everyone who is part of the co-op, like we are all in this together. I love how Verendrye Electric Cooperative performs free energy audits in your home. I had someone come in before I started a home remodel and they gave me some great advice on energy efficiency and long-term savings!

Emily Zdroik
Verendrye Electric Cooperative


My family is a member of Verendrye Electric Cooperative. My favorite thing about Verendrye is the many opportunities its North Dakota Living magazine has given me to practice my writing skills.

I have written several times for the Reader Reply section and two times for the Teen-2-Teen column. I even won the chance to go to Washington, D.C., this summer with Youth Tour by writing an essay. Despite the trip being postponed, I still appreciate the chance to stretch my brain and writing skills and am thankful for the opportunity Verendrye offers to teens, through Youth Tour as well as the Teen-2-Teen column.

Writing is something essential to most aspects of life and strong writing skills can help you in many ways, from communicating with others to doing well in school. I am very grateful to Verendrye for encouraging these skills in the next generation!

Leona Petrovic
Parents are members of Verendrye Electric Cooperative

Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative has to be praised for its business sense. The cooperative has successfully risen to the challenges of the energy growth in northwestern North Dakota. The demands made on this cooperative have been phenomenal, with new needs emerging daily to provide services both in rural areas and in our industrial world.

Our manager, Dale Haugen, has been a visionary engineer and leader, acknowledging what needs to be done for this area and its expansion. He is aware of what is happening around us and the effect it has on our cooperative. He has compassion for his staff and their welfare. He has been a fearless manager, not afraid to make the necessary decisions for change and growth. We also are aware of the commitment made by the board, as serving in such a position takes time and energy.

When we have called upon our cooperative, our calls have been answered diligently and timely. We appreciate the staff, their expertise and their willingness to work.

Alvina Skogen
Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative


First of all, we have the best lineworkers in our McLean Electric Cooperative that deserve recognition. We very seldom have an outage, but when we do, the guys are on it as soon as possible, day or night and in any kind of weather. They have us back and running in as little time as possible.

I want to thank them very much for what they do for us.

Lorraine Forsman
McLean Electric Cooperative

I appreciate the quick response for unplanned outages from McLean Electric Cooperative. I especially like that we receive personal phone calls when there is a planned outage.

Having autopay and the ability to view our monthly bills and usage on the user-friendly website is so convenient. I also greatly enjoy receiving the monthly North Dakota Living magazine! Thank you for keeping us informed through your personal phone calls, website and North Dakota Living publications.

Patti Lawson
McLean Electric Cooperative


I am not currently a member of my former cooperative, but it is meaningful to me how Slope Electric Cooperative, my previous provider, cares about its members, both past and present.

In previous years, lineworkers were so communicative about outages. For medical and other hardships, my family was several times the fortunate recipient of Operation Round Up funds from Slope Electric Cooperative. Most recently, as a past patron, when I expressed a desire to receive a subscription to North Dakota Living, a friendly employee helped me to procure the monthly publication. To me, the word “caring” comes to mind when I think of those who work for Slope Electric Cooperative!

Yvonne Sortland-Stegner
Slope Electric Cooperative


Capital Electric Cooperative has always been there for us through floods, storms and power outages. Prompt service and concern has kept our lights on for many years. But it is more than that! The cooperative keeps members informed of the latest technology, events and local news through this magazine and meetings. They appreciate their staff and are quick to recognize their hard work.

Our co-op wholeheartedly practices its mission statement of integrity, commitment, innovation and accountability to its members and we thank you!

Deb Larson
Capital Electric Cooperative


October is Co-op Month. We should all be mindful how our cooperatives work for us. It is a company owned by and for the people. What I like most about our electric co-op is its fast and friendly service.

Recently, we had a power outage on a Sunday and when we were expecting guests for dinner. Considering the distance to our community, it was very quick service and my company enjoyed their meal.

June Dokken
Verendrye Electric Cooperative


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