Cheryl Erickson

‘Pumpkin lady’ cultivates churches across the Globe

In “Cinderella,” the fairy godmother waves her wand, turning a pumpkin coach into a carriage. The pumpkin served as a vessel – helping Cinderella find her prince.

Like the fairy godmother, one woman's pumpkins help people find Jesus.

For two decades, Cheryl Erickson planted seeds in the ground. She hoped they’d grow to the heavens, or rather, help people find heaven themselves.


Also on that day, the “Dakota Spotlight” podcast shared what sounded like an outlandish story from a North Dakota bar.

Podcasts are like radio shows popular in the 1940s and 1950s. Unlike radio, however, podcast listeners download episodes to their tablets or smartphones and listen at their convenience.

The “Dakota Spotlight” podcast spans four decades and five North Dakota communities. Each season is a quest for answers regarding the strange or mysterious deaths and disappearances of North Dakota residents.