¾    cup milk of choice
    ½    tsp. cinnamon
           Pinch of nutmeg
           Pinch of salt, optional
¼-½    tsp. ProBiotein, optional
    ½    tsp. vanilla or almond extract
    ½    cup rolled oats
    2    T. shredded carrots
    1    T. coconut, optional
    1    T. chopped nuts, optional
    1    tsp. maple or agave syrup, optional

Add ingredients to glass jar and stir, or gently shake with lid on. Refrigerate overnight. Enjoy plain straight from the jar or add your favorite fruit, nut, coconut or granola toppings. Serves 1.

Note: The options are endless with this recipe! Adjust to your tastes and preferences. We used almond milk, pistachios, coconut and maple syrup in the base recipe and played around with toppings. One paired strawberry and granola, the other raspberries, blueberries, pistachios and coconut. Yum!

Recipe by Food First and the Thornberg family, members of Nodak Electric Cooperative