Lake Tschida

A glistening gem amidst the prairie, Lake Tschida is a treasure trove of outdoor recreation and family fun for those visiting the area. Chase the wind atop a boat on the water. Or share the delight of a gooey, smoky s’more at a campfire.

Nestled among the rolling hills of southcentral North Dakota, Heart Butte Reservoir, known as Lake Tschida, summons visitors with wide-open waters for jet skis or boats and cozy campsites for family gatherings.

The 3,400 water acres are surrounded by 7,575 acres of public land where recreational opportunities abound.

Harmon Lake

For those craving peaceful waters under the North Dakota skies, the Harmon Lake Recreation Area offers an opportunity to build a sandcastle on the beach, dip a paddle in the pond or spin a tire on a trail.

The 136-acre reservoir located on Otter Creek has nearly 5 miles of shoreline, and getting to the water is easy, with a swimming area on an expansive sandy beach.

Or cast a line for northern pike, crappie, bluegill, largemouth bass or rainbow trout, launching from a public boat ramp with a dock. The lake also has a floating fishing pier.

41-foot-tall knight and a 42 feet tall and 100 feet from nose to tail green dragon

Another dream streaming from the imaginative mind of sculptor Gary Greff, “Sir Albert” now majestically guards the castle, fending off a fierce fire-breathing dragon.

The 41-foot-tall knight, clad in shining armor made of tin, towers over the grounds of the Enchanted Castle in Regent. Nearby is the knight’s nemesis, a green dragon measuring 42 feet tall and 100 feet from nose to tail and clad in chainlink fence to replicate scales.

Mark Fox

From Adams County to Williams County and the 51 in-between, Mark Fox sought to photograph every county in North Dakota. What started as a labor of love and homage to his home state slowly evolved into his photo book, “Dirt Roads to Downtown,” showcasing each county in North Dakota.

Fox was born and raised on a farm outside of Cando. He grew up as a typical farm kid, loved the outdoors and, as far back as he can recall, enjoyed taking photos of people and nature.

Hello North Dakota

song quoteJenee Munro said hello to North Dakota 10 years ago, and she has no plans to say goodbye.

The Plentywood, Mont., native appreciates the wide-open spaces, abundant outdoor opportunities and natural wonders North Dakota offers. What’s more, she’s found a community she loves in Rolla, and one she says cares about her family, too, including her husband, Josh, and their three children.

Tama Smith with Prairie Fire Pottery is just one of many talented potters in the state. Photo courtesy N.D. Tourism

Art can bring life to so many things. It can brighten an alleyway, bring excitement to a road trip and inspire your creativity. October is Arts and Humanities Month, making it the perfect time to celebrate all forms of art in communities large and small.

Local creators, such as Badman Design in Grand Forks, create beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces, using mixed metals and terracotta clay. Choose from custom jewelry to accent your wardrobe, or home décor and sculptures to accent your home or business.