Carol Fey

Keeping it simple (and delicious!)

Carol Fey, a lover of cooking quick, simple meals, was raised in the small township of Coldwater, just 21 miles east of Ashley, on a grain and cattle farm.

Family life on the farm was quite typical for Carol: Being born into a farm family, you’re an automatic farmhand. Picking rocks, hauling hay and checking the cattle were regular chores. She recalls working in the field with her oldest sister for a time, before having to call it quits.

Bernice Duletski

Cooking with a Duletski daughter

Bernice Duletski, a Capital Electric Cooperative member, was raised on a farm in rural Belfield, where the love to cook, gather and eat ran deep.

In the farm kitchen with her mom and grandma is where Bernice and her sister, Lydia, learned the skills and patience required to master the family recipes. Those same family recipes were compiled into a family cookbook, “Cooking with the Duletski Daughters,” which is still heavily used and cherished.

Julie Garden-Robinson

Add flavor with herbs

“How long can you keep dried herbs in your cupboard?” the workshop participant asked.

I anticipated where this was going. I replied with a question.

“How long have your dried herbs been in your cupboard?” I asked.

“I got them for my wedding,” she replied.

After a dramatic pause, she added, “Forty years ago.”

Everyone laughed.

I’m quite sure her dried herbs added little flavor to foods at this point, although they are likely “safe.”