Reader Reply: September 2023

In the small rural town of Towner, with a population less than 1,000, it is difficult to give gratitude to one of our first responders, when all first responders are voluntarily serving for our human welfare.

All our first responders are excellent ambulance drivers and caregivers. I would like to share gratitude to one couple, Bruce and Linda Fairbrother, who dedicated their service to our community for many years as first responders.

Reader Reply: July 2023

I am an owner of a new Ford Lightning pickup. My son owns a Tesla Model 3, my two brothers own hybrids and my nephew owns a Tesla Model S. Our family is having a reunion this year in Linton. None of us can bring our electric vehicles, because there’s no charging station in Linton.

Linton is on a major highway, U.S. Highway 83. Linton would be a prime spot for a fast-charging electric vehicle station. I don’t believe there is a supercharger within 60 miles of Linton.

Reader Reply: January 2023


At an annual meeting I attended Dec. 8, we were informed the state investment board has a fund value of $8,408,634,457. That could easily be distributed to many entities in the state, but it appears to be more important to some politicians to continue to invest it in companies out of state and overseas.

There are two items needed in my local community. Many over the age of 65 would be interested in housing to be constructed with NO steps of any kind, and to be rented reasonably.