We depend on electricity 24/7, but have you ever wondered how it’s made, or where it comes from?

 Wendy (right) and Jim (left) Bartholomay’s three children attending NDSU all received a full-tuition John and Alyce B. Travers Scholarship after graduating from Bowman County High School. Kathryn, third from left, is a junior studying biochemistry and molecular biology; Alex, fourth from left, is a sophomore studying accounting with a minor in management information systems; and Mikayla, fifth from left, is a freshman studying finance. Abigail, second from right, is a junior at Bowman County High School. A

“God bless Alyce Travers. That’s probably what we say frequently in Bowman County.

Hannah Newman

I have a passion for learning and working with children, which is why I have decided to attend Minot State University in the fall and pursue a degr

Academic offerings at WSC range from chemistry class, above, to diesel mechanics, right.

“We say we have a three-legged stool,” says Dr. John Miller, WSC president.

Roxanne (Roxy) Henke

This past July, one question stopped everyone in their tracks.

Students operate the letterpress at the Braddock museum.

“I moved to North Dakota in 2002 and at that time, I would say there was a sparsity of regional works, particularly for the Northern Plains and for


This action is a reversal of a regulatory approach enacted by the FCC in 2015.

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Four Home Heating Tips to Live By

1. KEEP ANYTHING THAT CAN BURN at least three feet away from a heating source.


Ash grew up near Underwood, on a farm served by McLean Electric Cooperative. He settled in Devils Lake, working first for the U.S.