Use this month's magazine to find the answers to the 10 questions below. Visit for the answer key!

1. On what two pages would you find pictures of school buses?
Answer: 1 and 10

2.  What North Dakota lake are the people on the cover fishing at?
Answer: Lake Sakakawea

3. Where would you find your local electric cooperative news?
Answer: Pages C1-C8 (most editions)

4. What kind of rice is used in this month’s salad recipe?
Answer: Wild Rice

5. How many tubas were in the 1949 Kulm City Band?
Answer: 2

6. What color flowers are three little girls picking?
Answer: Yellow

7. This month’s Teen-2-Teen writer is a senior at what high school?
Answer: Mandan High School

8. What are the names of the editor’s two dogs?
Answer: Raina and Aspen

9. North Dakota’s electric cooperatives use wind energy to generate electricity. On what page would you find wind turbines?
Answer: Page 5

10. How many flavors of ice cream are there at Indian Hills Resort? Hint: See page 6.
Answer: 8