Hannah Koch

As summer ends, autumn in North Dakota still offers a variety of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. Finding entertainment and recreation is easy to accomplish all over the state, in both small towns and some of North Dakota’s larger cities.

Exploring the authenticity each small town in North Dakota offers can turn into one of your favorite adventures. Trying local coffeeshops and bakeries located on the quiet main streets of small towns not only offers the potential for road trip memories, but opens travelers up to new local flavors as well. Looking up restaurants along your way as you drive out to some of North Dakota’s best lakes for fishing and swimming can easily become one of your favorite activities, too.

The state parks within our beautiful state have much more to offer than many of us presume. The beautiful landscape covering North Dakota offers opportunities for all kinds of outdoor adventures, such as hiking, swimming, boating, canoeing, biking, kayaking, camping and much more.

Check out a few of the larger cities with some friends and have a picnic by the lake or river, featuring some artisan pizza and other local culinary creations. Stroll around downtown to support local shops, encountering treasures that can only be found in North Dakota. Rent the motorized scooters in downtown Bismarck to cruise around, or take some photos next to some of Fargo’s most historic buildings. Or, head over to the famed destination of Medora, participating in western life for the weekend or even just a day.

Whether it’s a taste of city life or outdoor adventures in small towns and state parks, keep in mind that North Dakota has a lot of adventures to offer. Embrace the variety of experiences and activities North Dakota has for its tourists and locals and turn this autumn into the best one yet.

Hannah Koch is a senior at St. Mary’s Central High School. She enjoys traveling, learning about cultures and languages, reading, writing, painting and making memories with good friends. Hannah is the daughter of Kevin and Lisa Koch, members of Capital Electric Cooperative.