Reader Reply: December 2021

What’s your greatest wish for 2022?

Coming up with my greatest wish for 2022 was a challenge. When I think about the last few years in our country – the anger, hatred and division – I am heartsick.

My wish for the new year comes from what I learned as a child:
• Treat others as you want to be treated.
• Love one another.
• Practice kindness.
• Take care of each other.
• Show compassion.
• Watch your words. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but just because you can say something, doesn't mean you should.

So, I suppose my wish for 2022 is that each and every one of us practices these simple, yet profound, lessons that many of us learned as children. If we do, imagine what a wondrous year it could be!

Judy Bennett
Northern Plains Electric Cooperative

My greatest wish for 2022 is that everyone will schedule a space for Jesus in their day. Early morning, before a person dives into this crazy, chaotic, temporary life, is the easiest time, but the most important thing is uninterrupted quality time devoted to him.

Give him a space in the daily planner or on the to-do list. Read and understand the Bible, our “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.” Now that at age 56, I have finally included him in my life, I can’t imagine living without him. I fervently wish this peace for everyone.

Yvonne Sortland-Stegner
Formerly of Slope Electric Cooperative


My greatest wish for 2022 is that everyone will be safe and healthy. My wish is that sick people will be healed and for weak people to get strong. It would be great if everyone was healthy.

I want everyone to be safe from COVID-19. If more people were healthy and safe, less people would die from diseases. It would be great if there were fewer sicknesses and diseases.

I know they won’t magically go away, but if we pray, God will help us through sickness or any other problems we have in our life.

Samantha Schaper, age 10
McKenzie Electric Cooperative