Reader Reply: April 2023

What steps would you recommend to encourage more to enter the health care field?

Anyone can enter the medical field as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) for free training, then progress through the registered nurse course with little expense. It can be done in steps as one continues working, often with sponsorship from employers.

I am a retired nurse and have enjoyed an adventurous, rewarding career. Nursing offers variety, opportunity and pays very well, in addition to allowing flexibility in adapting a career to travel, adventure-seeking and raising a family. I have been able to easily schedule years or months off to raise my family. Part-time work was always available wherever we have lived, and I have found the rewards of caring for people to be tremendous.

Nurses are the toughest, yet the most caring, resilient and confident people I know. If this is who you want to be, it may be for you.

Marie Pozarnsky
McLean Electric Cooperative


Positive health care experiences are a start. Positive experiences with doctors, nurses, X-ray and lab technicians, respiratory therapists, nurse aides and other professionals within the system may help someone see health care as a possible option for their future.

Health care professionals need to speak positively about their careers. The various professional organizations supporting health care workers should also find ways to promote these professions. Health care facilities should support and celebrate the work of their health care professionals. Holding open houses to meet the staff, setting up interviews or public forums for staff who have won awards, made a special effort or who have been to advanced programs will help highlight possibilities within the system.

State governments, medical organizations, local health care facilities, as well as college financial aid offices and high school counselors, should make scholarship opportunities and loan repayment programs known to the public and encourage online searches, so all are aware of this possible help with the cost of college studies.

Health care is actually a very complex system with many possible avenues of study. Careers within this system can be very rewarding, both personally and financially. Someone with a passion to help others and an interest in the sciences, math and psychology should do well in this type of career. But mainly, a person needs to see this career choice in a positive light before they will pursue it, and health care systems need to nurture their interest as much as possible.

Marci Koepplin  
Mor-Gran-Sou Electric Cooperative


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