What words of encouragement would you like to share with our state’s farmers and ranchers?

Dear farmers and ranchers,

I know this past year has been tough. We could barely grow crops. Our cattle barely had enough to eat. But this year, we are getting a lot more snow than last year. The ground shouldn’t be as dry, and our cattle can eat more grass. We’ll be able to get more hay for the animals next winter. So, whether you’re a farmer or a rancher, remember bad days can’t last forever.

Emelie Schaper, age 11
McKenzie Electric Cooperative

Dear farmers and ranchers,

I deeply appreciate all you do. A cheer of “good job!” would seem shallow. “Keep up the good work!” would not truly identify with your difficult and dedicated labors. “Being your own boss must be great!” would be ignorant of nature’s risks, gambling with markets and the costly investments.

You possess a wide range of knowledge in animal husbandry, soil conservation machinery and agricultural economics. You’re required to be diverse!

We witness your passion as you sift the harvested grain through your fingers, as you doctor the newborn calves and as you greet the morning sunrises. The hum of your machinery accompanies the sun setting into the western skyline, as you work with your family, balancing hardships and rewards.

Yet, it is from your hands that we reap the benefits. Grocery store items and consumer goods are birthed by your raw products, ingenuity and hard work. Your products and production bless us with life’s essentials.

Your service extends far beyond your acreage! Please know you’re vital and greatly appreciated.

Joyce Wagner
McLean Electric Cooperative

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