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Snowmobile enjoyment in North Dakota is boosted big time from the grassroots level – and a nice bedding of snow covering the grass sure helps!

Here’s what the snowmobiling community is looking forward to, with the January arrival of mid-winter:


• Snowmobile North Dakota (SND) is now in its 44th year. SND is the grassroots statewide organization dedicated to trails maintenance, safe snowmobile operation and fostering local enthusiasm for the sport. The annual SND convention was held last month in Minot.

• Snowmobile North Dakota is contracted by the N.D. Parks & Recreation Department to accomplish this mission.

• In association with Snowmobile North Dakota, 36 local snowmobile clubs operate across the state, with club members maintaining snowmobile trails, hosting rides in their respective areas, and spreading enthusiasm about snowmobiling.

• The local snowmobile clubs are represented on the Snowmobile North Dakota governing board of 14 directors.

• The state snowmobile trail system consists of 13 routes, producing a combined 2,800 miles of riding trails.

• Volunteers take responsibility for grooming much of the 2,800-mile trail system, posting sign along the trails.

“The 13 trail systems would not be possible without the countless volunteer hours donated across the state. We truly have a dedicated base,” says Todd Thronson, executive director for Snowmobile North Dakota. SND contracts with N.D. Parks and Recreation to manage the state trail systems.

• The continuing care and operation of the state snowmobile trail system is dependent on cooperative landowners, who lease access across their property for the trails. About 1,000 landowners currently work with local clubs and Snowmobile North Dakota on maintaining the many miles of continuous trails.

• A valid driver’s license is required for any snowmobile operator using the state trail system.

• Youth operators of snowmobiles 12 years of age and older must possess a valid driver’s license and have completed a snowmobile training course, and earned a certificate from the N.D. Parks & Recreation Department.

• Youth operators of snowmobiles 10-11 years of age can operate snowmobiles on public lands and the state trail system with their snowmobile certificate and in the presence of their parent or guardian.

• Registration of snowmobiles is required for operation on public lands. Funding from registration supports snowmobile trail enhancements and maintenance, safety education and safety promotion.

• The resident snowmobile registration fee is now $50 for a two-year period. Snowmobile registration is handled by the N.D. Department of Transportation at licensing offices statewide.

• For snowmobile education information, go to: is external).


President: Laura Forbes, Minot

Vice president: Reily Bata, Langdon

Secretary: Joanne Seifert, Casselton

Past president: Troy Klevgard, Casselton


Region 1: Dale Diebert, Surrey

Paula Berg, Dunseith

Region 2: Randy Knain, Rugby

Quince Hambek, Devils Lake

Region 3: Perry Brintnell, Fordville

Chase Heck, Langdon

Region 4: Shawn Cole, Valley City

Joel Iverson, Valley City

Region 5: Jeff Seifert, Casselton

Brent Haugen, Argusville


Todd Thronson, executive director


1600 E. Century Ave., Suite 3

Bismarck, ND 58503

Ph: 701-328-5377


Langdon, Saturday, Feb. 2

Host: Moonlighters Snowmobile Club

Contact: Reily Bata; 701-305-0419

Chase Heck;701-238-2633

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