What is your favorite product made in North Dakota and why?

Did you know milk is our state beverage? My favorite product made in North Dakota is milk and other dairy products. My family loves milk, butter, ice cream, cheese and all of the other wonderful foods made of dairy!

This summer, I enjoyed attending a breakfast on the farm at one of the largest dairy farms in North Dakota near Mandan to watch the process of milk production. It is sure hard work being a dairy farmer! I admire all they do, especially the long hours worked every day.

Dairy farms are such an important part of our state’s history. My parents both grew up on small dairy farms in North Dakota, and it runs deep in our roots. We are fond of the industry, and hope to get a dairy cow one day soon.
I am proud of what we produce in our state, and it is wonderful to support our local farmers and business owners. Now, go grab yourself a cold glass of milk and thank a dairy farmer!

Jada Vetter
McLean Electric Cooperative

My favorite thing produced in North Dakota is its rural people. No matter where you go, you can spot a local. They are the people who will stop and visit with you, whether you are known to them or not. They are the ones who stop and help someone in need, helping to load a heavy item in a parking lot or stopping to help change a tire. They wave at every car that passes them on the road.

They’re not fancy or fashionable. They have eaten organic their entire life, because they grow their food in their gardens. They love to share the fruits of their labors.

They consider anyone who lives within a 20-mile radius to be their neighbor. They watch out for those neighbors and their children. They bring food to funerals.

You can find them at every student event at any school and in every church, giving support.

When you shake their hand, you can feel callouses made by hard work. Their hands are stained from soil or the tools of their trade. They believe in an honest day’s work. They wear out their bodies and are weathered from the sun. They play as hard as they work. And at the end of the day, they say a prayer to the good Lord, thanking him.

Lana Procive
Roughrider Electric Cooperative


It’s a North Dakota product, made in the state.
Its arrival makes trouble evaporate.
You will find Josh Kramer’s editorial is first-rate.
Great things of our state, Cally Peterson captivates.
The calendar, marketplace and local co-op news invigorate.
Or, there’s Roxy Henke’s wit and wisdom, which keeps one’s life straight.
Teen-2-Teen and Reader Reply provide moments to contemplate.
Recipe Roundup could fill your plate.
Al Gustin always has something to debate.
In advertising, the travel signs really fascinate.
And such photos, the tiny ones do create.
North Dakota Living is a great product of our state.
It is creative, captivating and first-rate!

Lucille DesRoches
Northern Plains Electric Cooperative



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