Kari Enget, left foreground, is a cardiac ready squad leader in Powers Lake, and is part of the CPR classes the community is conducting (Photos by Candi Helseth)


Hebron is among six North Dakota communities that have met Cardiac Ready Community standards.

The Cardiac Ready Community project is a partnership of the N.D. Department of Health (NDDOH) and the American Heart Association (AHA). The Cardiac Ready Community project promotes the AHA chain of survival, which can improve chances of survival and recovery for cardiac-related traumas and stroke. The goal is to train community members to respond immediately and appropriately to assist these individuals.

Photos above, immediate right: The 2017 experience for cattleman Mike Novak, and his herd near Minot, was marked by feed supplies buried in snows and later scarce because of drought


“The cattle industry is dynamic with things always changing,” says John Dhuyvetter, livestock specialist at the North Dakota State University North Central Research Extension Center (NCREC) south of Minot, which is served by Verendrye Electric Cooperative. “Markets rise and fall. In the 1970s, North Dakota peaked with cattle numbers at about 1.4 million. Today, we are in the 930,000 range. Weather extremes and feeding challenges this last year will likely reduce that some.”