Father's Farm

In the heart of Wolford, nestled amid the rolling fields of golden wheat and endless skies, is Father's Farm – a place where redemption grows through fortitude and faith. It is where Jonathan Freeman found a second chance at life.

Freeman, a California native, made his way to North Dakota in 2018 alongside his girlfriend, seeking one of the many job openings the state had to offer.

Owner Holly Wilson goes to market each year to order garden décor. Here, the garden décor is in a part of the greenhouse that used to be a horse stable, which adds to its charm and character.

Each spring, Grandma Clara tended to her garden, planting and caring for perennials that surrounded her home. She planted beautiful flowers at the edge of her huge vegetable garden. And maybe, intentionally, Grandma Clara planted the longest-lasting perennial of all when she sowed the seeds of desire in her granddaughter, rightly named Holly.

“I got my love for flowers from my grandma,” says Holly Wilson, owner of Cando Greenhouse in Cando.