An electric cooperative identifying itself as a Touchstone Energy® Cooperative declares it abides by core operating values shared by more than 750 cooperatives nationwide.

Capital Electric Cooperative's Josh Schaffner (left) and Wes Engbrecht with the cooperative's new Chevy Volt.

Capital Electric Cooperative's Josh Schaffner (left) and Wes Engbrecht with the cooperative's new Chevy Volt.

• These many cooperatives united by the Touchstone Energy Cooperative brand of doing business share the commitment to making cooperative relationships with member-owners the foundation for a great quality of life in a community.

• Touchstone Energy Cooperatives core values include integrity, accountability, innovation and genuine commitment to their communities.

• 32 million cooperative member-owners nationwide are served by 2 million miles of power lines utilized by cooperatives united as Touchstone Energy Cooperatives.

• Touchstone Energy Cooperatives have developed communication, member relations, consumer premiums and business development resources which brand affiliates use for their member-owners.

• 2018 is the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Touchstone Energy Cooperative brand for electric cooperatives!



• Touchstone Energy Cooperatives are helping “pave the way” for greater understanding and wider driver use of transportation vehicles propelled by electric motors.

• This summer, Capital Electric Cooperative, Bismarck – a Touchstone Energy Cooperative affiliate – acquired a Chevrolet Bolt, an all-electric vehicle (EV). The cooperative’s plan for the EV is to use it primarily for research and to demonstrate electric vehicle performance to cooperative members.

• Capital Electric Cooperative is leasing the Chevy Bolt, from Puklich Chevrolet, Bismarck, a commercial member of the cooperative.


“At our cooperative, we want to be a reliable source of information for our members about electric technologies they are using or are considering using,” says Josh Schaffner, Capital Electric’s energy services supervisor. “The advantages and affordability of electric vehicles are more appealing than ever, and our Chevy Bolt will produce a great ‘test drive’ for us at Capital Electric Cooperative.”


• Capital Electric Cooperative’s Chevy Bolt has these features/advantages as compared to gas-powered vehicles: $1,000 average annual vehicle operation savings; lower maintenance costs (no oil changing, minimal brake, other moving part upkeep); 80 percent of recharging may be done at home; regenerative braking system, capturing energy and charging the battery during stops.

• Capital Electric Cooperative chose this Chevy Bolt model as its demonstration EV for these primary reasons: 2017 Motor Trend Car of the Year; 60-kilowatt-hour battery delivering 238 miles between charges, has a 100,000 mile warranty; remarkable propulsion/acceleration: 200 horsepower 0-30 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds, 0-60 miles per hour in 6.3 seconds; $7,500 federal tax credit; cooperative has installed a 240-volt connection in a vehicle garage, where the Chevy Bolt is charged.


“Investing in the electric vehicle innovation helps us demonstrate the difference that being a Touchstone Energy Cooperative makes for our members,” says Wes Engbrecht, Capital Electric’s director of communications and public relations. “With our Chevy Bolt, Capital Electric members, employees and our board of directors can make strides together with this emerging and important technology.”