Gabubu Bread

Gabubu Bread

    2    cup all-purpose flour
    1    T. baking powder
    1    tsp. salt
    1    T. vegetable oil
    1/4    tsp. granulated sugar
    11/2    cup 1% UHT milk


Mix dry ingredients. Make a small well in the middle of the flour and add milk and 1 T. oil. Mix the wet ingredients into dry ingredients slowly and gently. You need enough flour remaining to mix the dough until it is easy to handle. Separate dough into six balls.

Pour about a tablespoon of canola oil on a non-stick frying pan. Flatten the bread in your hand and place in the hot pan and flatten. Fry on a low flame until golden brown. Flip over and fry until golden brown. You can add more canola oil if needed.

Tip: Grease your hands with vegetable oil while you handle the dough. It will keep the dough from sticking to your hands.


Recipe by Spirit Lake Food Distribution Program, served by Northern Plains Electric Cooperative