Reaching out to young adults is one approach to address the problem of overuse of technology. But most can’t even imagine not posting every meal of every day on some social media platform. It is important to remind teens to get off their devices, go outside, breathe the fresh air and connect with people, places and the planet. There’s a more fulfilling world out there that goes well beyond a screen.

Anne Kesler

Keeping youth in North Dakota

If you ask teens where they plan to live when they get older, they may list places like New York City, Los Angeles, Miami or another popular, glamorous city. And while some will actually pursue their dream of living in these grand places, they may not realize they should add North Dakota to the list.

According to’s recent poll, North Dakota ranks No. 1 as the best state to live for young adults. It also has the highest proportion in the 20-24 age group of any state.