Sylvie Winje


The second habit is exercise. Make a goal of going outside for a walk every day. Studies have shown that when you connect with nature, you are less depressed, especially during the winter months. I have made a habit of walking outside every day in sunshine, rain or snow, although my neighbors probably think I am crazy for venturing out on blustery winter days. If you need accountability, ask a family member or friend to meet you for a walk. If walks are not your thing, find something else that gets you moving on a regular basis and make it a part of your day.


November 2020: Teen-2-Teen

I am part of that 1 percent. Last year, I enlisted in the North Dakota National Guard. Why did I choose that path? I wanted to serve my country and follow in the footsteps of my Grandpa Jim Bitz, who served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. The National Guard will allow me to attend college tuition-free and have a civilian career while still serving my country.



Reaching out to young adults is one approach to address the problem of overuse of technology. But most can’t even imagine not posting every meal of every day on some social media platform. It is important to remind teens to get off their devices, go outside, breathe the fresh air and connect with people, places and the planet. There’s a more fulfilling world out there that goes well beyond a screen.



Therefore, as we near the 100th anniversary of the demolition of a barrier that further separated man and woman, I should like to discuss the impact this movement has had not only on my life, but on the lives of millions of women spanning a century. This event is the ratification of the 19th Amendment, in which it was decreed that the right to vote may not be denied or abridged by the American government on account of gender.


July 2020: Teen-2-Teen

Some of the people affected by the cancellation of spring sports were the seniors. The class of 2020 didn’t get to have one last season playing their favorite sports, such as track, baseball, softball or golf.

Younger students were also affected. This year would have been their first year to play these school sports.

But students weren’t the only people who had to tolerate this worldwide suspension. Professional athletes were also sidelined. Basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey all came to a close.

Laura Muggli a junior at Grant County High School, is involved in FFA, Future Business Leaders of America, National Honor Society and basketball. Laura is the daughter of Tim and Andrea Muggli, members of Mor-Gran-Sou Electric Cooperative.

Women are ag leaders, too

Agriculture is one industry that has accepted women as critical for the future. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 14 percent of people who operate their own farms are women, and 30 percent of all farm workers are women. Almost 1 million women work on farms in the United States. Women have been essential in ag history and will be essential in agriculture’s future.

Anne Kesler

Keeping youth in North Dakota

If you ask teens where they plan to live when they get older, they may list places like New York City, Los Angeles, Miami or another popular, glamorous city. And while some will actually pursue their dream of living in these grand places, they may not realize they should add North Dakota to the list.

According to’s recent poll, North Dakota ranks No. 1 as the best state to live for young adults. It also has the highest proportion in the 20-24 age group of any state.



First, give thanks during difficult situations. The Bible encourages us to be thankful all the time, even when things don’t go our way. It’s easy to give thanks when we have good health, money and working cars. But when difficult circumstances enter our lives, thankfulness is usually last on our minds.

Billy Graham once said, “When life is hard, it’s easy to focus only on the bad things and forget all about the good things God has given us. But God has blessed every one of us in ways we often overlook.” During tough times, we need to focus on our blessings.



While growing up on a farm, my brothers have introduced new technology to my dad. In just the past couple of years, my dad has used parts created by a 3-D printer. My dad would have never known about 3-D printers and how he could use them in agriculture if my brothers had not introduced the technology to him. This shows that young people will be the backbone of more innovations in the agricultural industry, and they need to be involved in advancing agriculture for the next generation.