Robert “Bob” Hunter, Maddock’s oldest resident, holds his U.S. Army portrait, taken over 75 years ago during his World War II service. Photos by NDAREC/Liza Kessel

Thank you, Bob. A WWII Reflection, 75 Years Later.

At 100 years old, Hunter still lives in the home he built decades ago, kitty-corner from the old Maddock Aggies school, now the high school. An American flag flies in his yard, near the parked car he still drives. Inside his home, the TV news hums in the background of his Solitaire game, which he does to “stay sharp.” A hallway bookshelf holds the Bible, Lutheran hymnals, Maddock history compilations and Webster’s New Students Dictionary. Adorning every possible space are pictures of his successful and well-educated family.