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Bernice Duletski

Bernice Duletski, a Capital Electric Cooperative member, was raised on a farm in rural Belfield, where the love to cook, gather and eat ran deep.

Al Gustin

As we helped a neighbor haul cattle to grass last June, we drove past a ranch yard that had a very long tree windbreak extending from the barns to

apple tree

Stacy Nelson-Heising was a professional chef before operating her own orchard, cidery and restaurant on her family’s fourth-generation farm near Ay

Josh Kramer

Thank you. That is how I close most email messages, and let me tell you, I send and receive a lot throughout my day.

Al Gustin

At a trade show last spring, I asked a soybean industry official, “What is the most exciting thing happening in your world these days?” Without hes

Pam Emmil

5-4-3-2-1. Pam Emmil didn’t count on a pain medication prescription plummeting her into addiction.

Annaliese Rauschenberger

The Electric Cooperative Youth Tour is a week filled with history, new friends, tons of fun and memories that will last a lifetime.

Cottonwood Cider

Cottonwood Cider House is rooted in family – both blood relatives and the family that exists only in rural America.

Al Jaeger
Electricity for him ad

1930 $5 and a handshake