Roxanne Henke

I’m big on New Year’s resolutions. A new year seems like a good time to implement that old cliché: out with the old, in with the new.

Al Gustin

The headline was impressive.

Will M. Nelson

North Dakota students feel unheard.


Many of us are so connected to our phones, tablets and laptops we panic when the battery nears the dreaded 0% mark.


Editor’s note: Property tax is promised to be a hot topic before the state Legislature this year.

Al Gustin

I’ve written before about Harvest Bowl, North Dakota State University’s (NDSU) annual celebration of agriculture and athletics.


Frostival started in Fargo as a two-day winter festival celebrating the “cool” of winter during the quietest time of the yea


Technology in 2023 will continue to advance rapidly.

Josh Kramer

As the calendar flips to a new year, we find ourselves in the throes of what’s proving to be a humbling winter.

Cally Peterson